The Cost of Dental Implants – What to Expect

You should expect the cost of an implant to be from $2,000 to $5,000 dollars.  That is the cost of a single implant.  If you need multiple teeth done, then you can multiply that by however many teeth you need replaced.  Implants are expensive.  If they weren’t so much better than having a gap in your mouth, then they wouldn’t even be an option.  Now, you may have noticed the enormous range in the price estimate above.  If you are getting multiple teeth done, then you will probably hope that your implant will cost more toward the $2,000 range.  Let’s try to figure out which side of the average you will fall on.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is how your teeth fell out.  If it was because of a lack of dental hygiene then you might be in luck.  If you haven’t ruined your gums, then you might end up paying a lot less.  The cost of an implant has a lot to do with how much work the oral surgeon is going to have to do.  You see, sometimes all it takes is fastening a new tooth in your mouth.  In these situations the cost of an implant will be in the lower range.  Other times, a lot of work might need to be done.  You need to figure out just how much work you will need.

Not always, but sometimes your dentist will hide the price of the work from you.  They will give you a rough estimate.  Sometimes you can give yourself a much better estimate.  You don’t want to be shocked when you get your bill.  You need time to prepare for this.  You might need to save for a little while before you can get the surgery.  You don’t want to have to file for bankruptcy because you didn’t realize the cost of an implant was going to be so high.

Okay, so if there is nothing wrong with your mouth, then the implant will cost less.  If there are things wrong, then you need to suspect that you are going to be paying more.  Are your gums ruined?  Are you going to need a gum graft?  Have you heard your dentist talking about any sort of grafting?  There are also bone grafts that you might need.  This can all add up.  You also need to know just how many teeth are going to be involved.  Some people think that they are getting one implant, and it turns out that they need two.  This doubles the cost.  You need to know exactly how many you are getting.

The cost of an implant will vary from person to person.  The actual cost of specific parts of the process does not vary that much from dentist to dentist.  The great determiner of how much an implant is going to cost depends on how much work the individual needs done.  You can figure this out based on your individual case.  I hope this has helped you figure out about how much your implant will cost.

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