Dental Implant Study Club That Helps the Less Fortunate

Redwood City Dentist Launches Dental Implant Study Club

Founded by Dr. Ihab Hanna, DDS, eight Bay Area dentists have embarked on Redwood City’s first local Implant Study Club. This program enables dentists to share knowledge, while patients get a new smile they may have not otherwise been able to afford.

This is a great new initiative which can help the less wealthy to have the implants they need and want while also helping improve dental practice in this area of dentistry. Even in wealthy Bay area California the cost of dental implants is out of reach for many people.

The fact is, dental implants have proven over the last 50 years to be an integral part of smile make-over technologies to restore missing teeth. New artificial roots are surgically placed and natural looking replacement teeth are added. Through participation in the implant study club, patients are able to have their smiles restored at a reduced cost, while participating dentists share priceless knowledge.

“The Implant Study Club is about enhancing the quality of people’s lives. As a group, we can learn from each other and increase of our knowledge base collectively to better serve our patients and community,” said Dr. Ihab Hanna, DDS, founder of the Redwood City Implant Study Club.

“In our office we want to help as many people as possible,” said Hanna. “Smile make-over candidates’ and doctors’ participation are essential for the success of the Study Club. It is a win-win for all involved.”

We think this should leave a lot of people smiling!

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